The ISB Experience

ISB’s innovative and robust Nursery to 8th Grade program is a multilingual educational journey that develops students into driven explorers and passionate communicators.


“We Need Diverse Books”

On Friday, November 11th, ISB parents and staff, as well as local school librarians, teachers, and neighbors, gathered for the culminating event of ISB's Literacy Week: a workshop focused on the need for diversity and equal representation in children's literature. This workshop addressed how we, as parents and educators, can use children’s books to prepare our children for a more global society and foster curiosity, empathy and global citizenship. ... LEARN MORE

Executive Function and Organizational Skills Training

The ISB Middle School Team partnered with experts from NYU’s Child Study Center to help teach and develop these skills in Middle School students. We reached out to Dr. Elana Spira and Dr. Richard Gallagher, who have researched the effects of behavioral interventions to improve organization, time management, and planning (OTMP) in adolescents. These interventions showed reductions in homework-related problems, improvement in homework management, along with increased academic proficiency.... LEARN MORE

The Origins of ISB’s Walk for Water

I’ll never forget my first encounter with Kids for Kids’ founder Patricia Parker. We were living in London at the time, and my four-year-old son came from school one day with an important message: “In Darfur, the kids have to walk really, really, far to get water and we need to send them money so they can have water and a goat!” His seven-year-old sister was able to fill in a few of the blanks: in Darfur, Sudan, children had to walk as many as seven hours from their villages to collect water for their families.... LEARN MORE




  • In Science class 3rd Graders went for a bird watchinghellip
  • The 8th Grade Individuals  Societies is currently studying explorershellip
  • 3rd Graders put their understanding of the mental math strategyhellip
  • Today Valeria Mogilevich came and spoke to 3rd Grade studentshellip
  • A student had his grandparents visit ISB this week ashellip
  • During their unit on Becoming a Scientist 6th Graders havehellip
  • 4th Grade students researched the different jobs involved in anhellip
  • Kindergarten Music Share


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  • We CreateADVOCATES

    We CreateADVOCATES

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    We ShapeLEADERS

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