ISB Students’ Newsroom Reporting on Gowanus and Syria

Events · April 14, 2017

By ISB Parent Edward Roussel

An intrepid group of 25 ISB "journalists" convened at 477 Court Street on Saturday, April 8th for an exercise on "how to write like a newspaper journalist", hosted by ISB parents from the media industry: Nikki Waller, Rahul Chopra, Carol and Edward Roussel.

The event kicked off with an interview with Nikki on the career of a journalist (Nikki is a senior editor at the Wall Street Journal), followed by a writing exercise.  The students were split into two teams. One group focused on local news: the recent funding concerns that have surfaced about the Gowanus Canal clean-up, while the second group concentrated on international news: the recent Syria bombings. The students, who ranged from 3rd to 8th Grade, attended "press briefings" to gather information, and then wrote under deadline pressure an article with multimedia - supported by the mentoring of the four parents.

The finale consisted of presentations of the students’ reporting, culminating in the award of "ISB Journalists of the Year", which went to Wheeler Z. and Karla A. for their reporting on Syria. Honorable mentions were awarded to Nikola K., Joseph R., and Galen J. for their reporting on the Gowanus Canal and to Noah R. and Joaquin M. for their reporting on Syria.

ISB Journalists of the Year: Wheeler Z. & Karla A.

Honorable Mention: Noah R. & Joaquin M.

Honorable Mention: Nikola K., Galen J., & Joseph R.