Cultural Week 2017

Events · May 19, 2017

By Jasmine Little

On April 19-21, ISB students celebrated Cultural week, an annual tradition that provides an opportunity for our community to come together to discover, celebrate, and honor cultures from around the world. As part of this highly anticipated event, ISB parents, staff, and community members lead over 50 enriching cultural workshops over the course of 3 days. The workshops showcased arts and crafts, cuisine, history, dance, and more from cultures around the world.

ISB staff, parents, and community members alike participated in teaching enriching workshops. Staff-led workshops included Ayurvedic soap making, Latin Dance, Tarot Card Reading, and Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting. Parent-led workshops were just as exciting, and included Japanese Calligraphy, Jamaican Culture, and Making Savory Chickpea Pancakes and Mango Lassi.

New workshops such as Kinks and Curls, Ojo de Dios (Eye of God), Mexican Hot Chocolate, and The Origins of Headwraps were especially popular among students. In addition, one could not forget the yearly favorite: Pétanque with PE teacher Xavier Huc.

Students enjoying making a hair mask made with avocado in the Kinks and Curls workshop.

Pre-School students enjoying their freshly made Mexican hot chocolate along with Mexican bread.

Students using yarn to craft the "Ojo de Dios".

On Friday, Middle School students ended the week by participating in a peer-led workshop which simulated a refugee crisis. For the activity, students were divided into teams given a variety of materials which they had to use to build a standing structure in the face of competing challenges. The activity was also a part of the 8th grade MYP projects.

Thanks to everyone who helped to run a workshop during this year's Cultural Week!

Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting by Rotana Suy & Jasmine Little
Kuckelimuck by Josefin Skoglund & Maria Falgoust
Mexican Hot Chocolate by Itzel Mendoza
Making Indian Stuffed Bread by Ashna Chopra
Decorative Origami Boxes by Jasmine Chu
Tarot Card Reading by Jackie Alexander
Games of our Youth by Kimesha Reid-Grant & Sabine Massoma Toco
Identity and Self Portrait by Brogan Ganley
Lost Foods of Brooklyn by Zoe Hilden & Elizabeth Elizabeth Chakkappan
Kinks & Curls by Jessica Chalmers & Claudia Jones
Discovering Paper Cutting from its Chinese Origins to Matisse by Nathalie Trovato
Making Arepas by Juanita Orbegozo
Capoeiera by Brasil Capoeira
Suminagashi by Carolina Bermudez & Jean-Louis Frenk
Card Games by Cecile Vaccaro
Making Chickpea Savory Pancakes and Mango Lassi by Ashna Chopra
Spanish Traditional Games by Luis-Angel Esteban, Cristina Dominguez-Delgado, & Karuna Hernandez
Latin Dance by Perrine Pradel
Japanese Calligraphy by Miwa Koizumi
Create Your Own Aryurvedic Soap by Anne-Sophie Devouassoux
The Origins of Head Wraps by Genobia Delis & Angie St. Louis & Crystal Fernandez
Shakespearean Drama Adventure by the New Collective
Haitian Culture by Fabienne Keller and Christine Laurore
Earth Jeopardy by Sabine Massoma Toco
Journeys in Middle Eastern Drumming by Brooklyn Music School
Sopes con Cactus by Leticia Gonzalez
Panzanella Salad with Toasted Mozzarella Bread by Butter Beans
South American Culture Stamps by Elisa Hevia
Nutrition and Healthy Cooking by Mercedes Sanchez Casado
Origami by Molida Khuon, Michelle Tran, & Milo Kempisty
A Taste of Ghana by Charles Cann of Tropical Ghana
Making Waffles by Isabelle Dussart
All About Australia by Miranda Sissons
Jamaican Culture by Melissa Best
Making Crêpes by Stephanie Bayard
African Necklaces by Angie St. Louis
Belly Dancing by Anath Benais
Ojo de Dios by Leticia Gonzalez & Neva Palacio
Jewish Culture by Elizabeth Palley & Rebecca Ruf
The Gratitude Project by Tara Dixon of the Gratitude House
Chocolate Truffleby Molida Khuon