Field Trip Medication

Day Trips

For short and day trips, if your student has a medication at school it will be sent along with their teacher on the field trip. Teachers are also equipped with a first aid backpack in which they carry basic first aid materials. If your student falls ill on a field trip, i.e. vomits, you will be called immediately and requested to pick up your student at the field trip site if necessary.

Overnight Trips

Overnight trips that are within New York State will require a Medication Administration Form (MAF) to be filled out for any medication you would like to send with your student, including over-the-counter medications. As with day trips, if your student already has medication in the Health Office, that medication will be sent along with the teacher attending the trip. Some overnight trip locations, including those at YMCA campsites, have their own paperwork that will need to be filled out as they have on-site nurses. If they have their own MAF, you will not have to have your student’s physician fill out the ISB version of the form.

Out-of-state or out-of-country field trips will not require MAFs. For these trips, the agreement on medication administration will be made directly with the teacher and the School Nurse will act as a resource to assist in scheduling medications and maintaining basic medication safety protocol. While on these trips, you will contact the teacher directly for any changes or additions to your student’s medication regimen.