Register now for ISB Summer! Language immersion summer fun for students entering Pre-K through 1st Grade and CIT programs for bilingual HS students. Click to learn more and to register online.


Register now for ISB Summer! Language immersion summer fun for students entering Pre-K through 1st Grade and CIT programs for bilingual HS students. Click to learn more and to register online.


Lower School Students

After School Enrichment Classes

International School of Brooklyn offers a variety of language, art, science, movement and music based classes during the afternoon hours. ISB’s Enrichment programs are open to ISB students. Below is the Winter 2017 calendar of activities. Class descriptions are listed at the bottom of the page.

Full refunds will be granted for classes canceled due to low enrollment. Class schedules are subject to change at any time. 

Capoeira (taught by Raízes do Brasil Capoeira)
Capoeira is a fantastic opportunity for kids to be exposed to a unique blend of martial arts, music, culture and camaraderie. This fun and friendly atmosphere not only provides a challenging aerobic and acrobatic workout, but also helps kids develop their confidence and self-esteem.

Circus Arts (taught by Brooklyn Beanstalk)
Students explore the different techniques of traditional circus arts from juggling to acrobatics, balancing objects and physical comedy.

Culinary Cooking  (taught by Butter Beans)
Butter Beans cooking classes teach students how to make seasonal, international, nutritious recipes, while forging fun new memories in the kitchen! Students will learn about seasonality, international cuisines, beneficial nutrients, and mindfulness. Our menu includes items like dolmades, fondue, nicoise salad and risotto. As students move through the course, they will also learn vital kitchen knife skills, food tasting and seasoning, various culinary techniques, and culinary vocabulary. From seed to table, children gain an appreciation for food in a convivial setting, while discovering different cultures and building important cooking skills, all while having fun with their friends!

Fashion Design and Sewing (taught by The Fashion Class)
This exciting new program aims to teach students how to use a sewing machine, hand sewing, measuring, properties of fabric, printing fabric, and illustration. We combine a little bit of math, a little bit of science and a lot of design into one fabulous course.

ISB TV (taught by The Good School)
Students in this after school class design their own unique take on a tv show and work collaboratively to create the entire episode from start to finish. Using professional grade animation software DragonFrame and incorporating live action filming with green screens and more, this show is sure to be unlike any other!

Junior Explorers (taught by Mad Science® of Manhattan)
Take a trip through some of the most unique areas of science. See how illusion and reality meet and test out the ideas that make our favorite toys and tricks work. You’ll take flight with this Mad Science session. Some of the weekly topics in this session are: Stunt Planes & Gliders, Movie FX, The Science of Magic, Sonic Sounds, Optical Illusions, Wacky Water, The Science of Toys, Radical Robots, The Science of Art & Great Gravity

LEGO WeDo Robotics (taught by MakerState)
We’ll build and code hands-on robotics projects like Milo the Science Rover and a host of animals, vehicles, and games that all have a real-world focus in this introduction to robotics and computer programming. Young engineers will practice creativity, problem-solving, communication, responsibility, socializing and teamwork skills as they build a new project each week using the famous Lego WeDo robotics system. We’ll learn real science practices, including  gathering evidence, planning and carrying out investigations, defining problems, and designing prototypes to solve real-world problems.

Minecraft Coding (taught by MakerState)
Young programmers will have the opportunity to blur the lines of coding and virtualization with our custom educational version of Minecraft. By using the educational modification for Minecraft known as ComptuerCraftEDU, Makers will be able to create their own programs using the coding language LUA. While this programming language is not Java, it provides the same fundamental principles and experiences for programing while offering a distinct advantage, that whatever programs classMakers create will be working in Minecraft immediately. These programs can range from a complex control program for a railway system, a wireless communication hub to operate all the functions of a farm, or even create a brand new game on a virtual computer within Minecraft itself. During this process students will have the opportunity build skills in collaboration, communication, and digital citizenship as they share their knowledge with others in their class and online. With MakerState’s help, students can turn an interest in how programs work into practical knowledge for today's technology.

Modern Dance A (taught by Jessica Lewis Arts)
This class will introduce student to creative movement, play, and the beginnings of technique work for modern dance. Students will explore gross motor movements of running, skipping, leaping, hopping, jumping, galloping, chasses and more. Students will work on coordination through creative dance, overtime new movement vocabulary will be introduced, as well as creative games to instill a love for movement, play, and dance into young dancers. There will be a creative component for every class through student generated movement and play. This class is geared to dancers of all levels and will focus on creativity, collaboration, and learning modern dance technique through these methods.

Modern Dance B (taught by Jessica Lewis Arts)
This class will introduce students both new and experienced, to technique and creative works for modern dance. Students will begin to understand the form of a dance class including: center floor warm up, and across the floor while they explore elements of rhythm, space, leg and foot exercises, as well as locomotor movement. We will work with various movement vocabulary such as chases, leaps, and turns as students grow and develop their love for dance. There will be a creative component for every class through student generated movement and choreographic assignments. Students will begin to create their own movement and choreography throughout the semester through various guided improvisations and studies. This class is geared to dancers of all levels and will focus on creativity and collaboration, and learning modern dance techniques.

Stage Stars (taught by Broadway Bound)
Students in this class let their imaginations be their guides as they dance, play theatre games, and study music and choreography from current Broadway shows! Acting, singing, and dancing are all incorporated into this fun-filled class.

Soccer (taught by Super Soccer Stars)
At Super Soccer Stars, it is our goal to teach soccer skills in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Our philosophy is to use soccer to nurture, to build self-confidence, and to develop teamwork in every class.

Tennis (taught by New Kids Tennis)
New Kids Tennis is a team of professional coaches dedicated to the long-term growth of the sport. After more than 5 years of full-time dedication to QuickStart, the founder developed coaching manuals using his own techniques, covering a wide range of coaching situations and challenges. This new USTA-sanctioned format helps children learn and play the game of tennis. To make it easier for them a few things have changed -- the court size, the racquet sizes, the tennis balls, the scoring system and the height of the net. This means that more children will have the opportunity to experience the game, have fun playing with their friends and develop the skills that will become the foundation of their game."

Private Violin Lessons (taught by Anna Brathwaite-McGregor)
Anna Brathwaite-McGregor holds a Master of Music degree from the Yale School of Music and a Bachelor of Music from Boston University, both in Violin Performance. She grew up studying violin through the Suzuki Method, which forms the basis for her private violin instruction today. In addition to teaching group and private lessons, she is an active performer who enjoys playing solo and in chamber and orchestral ensembles.

Yogis at ISB (taught by Brooklyn Beanstalk)
Students are exposed to the benefits of Yoga practice and learn to channel their energy in a fun and creative way. Core activities include breathing exercises, asanas (body postures), and meditation techniques.