International School of Brooklyn

ISB is driven by six core values: inquiry-based learning, diversity, global curriculum, language immersion, community, and international mindedness.

These values inspired the design of our

new logo & mission statement.

We invite you to explore them and
discover what makes ISB truly remarkable.

Inquiry-based Learning

Discovering by seeking By pushing the limits of their critical thinking, we enable students to build the skills to become independent, enthusiastic, and self-motivated learners.


Learning by celebrating Our differences create more opportunities to share our experiences and promote inclusion and awareness in our community.

Global Curriculum

Developing by investigating Through a framework that blends educational approaches from around the globe, students achieve academic excellence by exploring concepts and issues affecting their community, country and world.

Language Immersion

Acquiring by embracing Our students acquire language mastery by learning in a language through authentic contexts, with native-speaking teachers who enable them to develop true linguistic and cultural literacy.


Strengthening by participating The best role models for our students are highly active and engaged community members who elevate our students' experiences through their involvement with the school.

International Mindedness

Growing by experiencing Exposing students to new cultures and experiences enriches their educational journeys and prepares them to be global citizens.

We develop adventurers. Creative collaborators and intellectual risk-takers who are inspired to think critically and seek answers.

We create advocates. Passionate communicators actively connected to their community and the world.

We shape leaders. Eager innovators dedicated to taking on challenges and exploring new ideas.

Desarrollamos aventureros. Colaboradores creativos e intelectuales audaces inspirados a pensar críticamente, siempre en busca de respuestas.

Creamos representantes. Comunicadores apasionados conectados activamente con su comunidad y el resto del mundo.

Formamos líderes. Innovadores entusiastas dedicados a asumir retos y a explorar ideas nuevas.

Nous formons des aventuriers, des collaborateurs créatifs et audacieux, aptes à prendre des risques, à penser de façon critique et toujours à la recherche de réponses.

Nous formons des élèves engagés, des communicateurs passionnés, connectés à leur communauté et au monde.

Nous formons des leaders, des innovateurs enthousiastes, prêts à relever des défis et à explorer de nouvelles idées.

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