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ISB’s innovative and robust Nursery to 8th Grade IB program is a multilingual educational journey that develops students into driven explorers and passionate communicators.



    Creative collaborators and intellectual risk takers who are inspired to think critically and seek answers.

    Discover the lifelong educational journey that starts at ISB.



    Comunicadoras y comunicadores apasionada(o)s conectados activamente con su comunidad y el resto del mundo.

    We create Advocates. Passionate communicators actively connected to their community and the world.

  • Nous formons desLEADERS

    Nous formons desLEADERS

    Des innovateurs et des innovatrices enthousiastes, prêt(e)s à relever des défis et à explorer de nouvelles idées.

    We shape Leaders. Eager innovators dedicated to taking on challenges and exploring new ideas.


Explore our 6 core values and discover what makes ISB truly remarkable.




  • 7th Grade students just returned from their trip to Quebec
  • The 7th Grade Spanish Language Acquisition class spent last week
  • The Lower School Student Council hosted an endofyear celebration yesterday
  • Congratulations to ISBs Class of 2018! adventurers advocates leaders alumni
  • The 5th Graders celebrated their journey through the PYP with
  • Snapshots from ISB Explorers Week 1 Explorers set off to
  • Perfect day for homemade popsicles! ISBSummer
  • We have the best CITs! ISBsummer bilingualkids languageimmersion counselorintraining

Zine Mania! A New Workshop Series Hosted by the ISB Library This Spring

The ISB Library’s Zine Mania was a smash hit! This six-part series of workshops was offered after school to students in 4th-8th Grade to introduce them to the world of zines and zine making. Each workshop was led by a different guest artist, with a line up that included authors, illustrators, photographers, educators, and bookmakers, all of whom brought their unique perspectives on the form.... LEARN MORE

The ISB Multicultural Book Club’s Inaugural Year

The newly-formed ISB Multicultural Book Club held five gatherings throughout the past school year, offering parents across language tracks and grade levels, as well as ISB faculty and staff, opportunities to meet in a social and intellectual setting. Attendees got to know each other while discussing literature about important contemporary issues. The meetings created a space for us to come together and reminded us of the importance of lifelong learning, setting an example for our children and students by showing them that intellectual growth and community-building do not end with formal education.... LEARN MORE

Sustainability at ISB

Every day is Earth Day at ISB! You can see it embedded in our units and coming to life in projects all year long. At this moment, Kindergartners are engaged in their Keepers of the Earth unit. The students are seriously considering the potential in all materials, and they have drastically reduced their classroom need for paper and plastic. Saving and reusing paper is paramount, and ongoing production of recycled paper sheets has begun.... LEARN MORE



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