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ISB’s innovative and robust Pre-K 3 to 8th Grade French and Spanish International Baccalaureate program is a multilingual educational journey that develops students into driven explorers and passionate communicators.

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    Creative collaborators and intellectual risk takers who are inspired to think critically and seek answers.

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    Comunicadoras y comunicadores apasionada(o)s conectados activamente con su comunidad y el resto del mundo.

    We create Advocates. Passionate communicators actively connected to their community and the world.

  • Nous formons desLEADERS

    Nous formons desLEADERS

    Des innovateurs et des innovatrices enthousiastes, prêt(e)s à relever des défis et à explorer de nouvelles idées.

    We shape Leaders. Eager innovators dedicated to taking on challenges and exploring new ideas.


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Kindergarten Gardiens de la Terre

For the “Keepers of the Earth” unit, French Kindergarten students explored the concept of sharing the planet as they investigated the importance of reusing, reducing, and recycling in their own homes. Students began by learning about the importance of identifying and sorting materials for effective recycling systems and used playdough to design their very own system. They also tracked their own recycling patterns by graphing their actions from home. These graphs provided a visual for students to use as they practiced their skills in analyzing data, discovering patterns, and examining their results. ... LEARN MORE

La Tierra en Movimiento

The 5th Grade “Moving Earth” unit encompasses Earth’s changes and how those changes can affect our lives. No one could have predicted that students would be exploring this unit while living through a historic pandemic, but the current context gave students a deeper connection to their studies and a very real lens through which to develop inquisitive questions. Students launched the unit by investigating the Earth’s changes and the human response. To explore this, Spanish 5th Graders interviewed people who have lived through various disasters from all around the world.... LEARN MORE

Lower School Service Learning Initiative: Taking Action

Inspired by the annual Endangered Species Day held on May 15th, Lower School students have been taking action to protect and support the environment. Second Graders have been learning about Endangered Species in their classes and in response to this day, the entire Lower School was invited to participate in creating their own action. Science Teacher Alicia Smith shares, “Taking action is very important. It is powerful for students to understand that anything is possible and that their actions, both big and small, can be meaningful and have a real impact. I want to give students the opportunity to create their own actions and follow where their talents want to take them.”... LEARN MORE

“Same Sun Here”: the 5th Grade Winter Book Club

At the beginning of 2020, twelve ISB 5th Graders signed up to participate in a new Library initiative: a student book club. From late January to mid-March, the group met in the Library every Thursday afternoon. Students gathered over lunch to have conversations about a book selected by Head Librarian Maria Falgoust: Same Sun Here by Silas House and Neela Vaswani. The lively discussions and engaging activities that followed were co-facilitated by ISB parents and Library Committee members Shayna Wellington and Marianne Gimon and Associate Librarian Eli Hetko.... LEARN MORE



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