The Middle School Action for the Climate and the Environment Club Spreads Awareness on Earth Day with the Launch of a New Website!

Clubs · April 22, 2019

By Aida, 7th Grade & Melah, 8th Grade

On this Earth Day, the Action for the Climate and the Environment Club (ACE Club) is proud to announce the publication of its website! Visit the site to learn about all of the actions that the club has taken in the past years and find out how you can take part in some of these actions.

Some original members of the Recycling Club


Four years ago, the “Recycling Club” started with the creation of a center for materials recycled from the classrooms. Paper towel rolls, plastic marker caps, wooden sticks, small cardboard boxes, used oil crayon, and other bits and pieces all ended in organized bins, to be reused for classroom projects. Soon, we introduced an e-waste box to the recycling opportunities for the school! With dedication and focus, the club spent our lunch period once a week maintaining the recycling closet and e-waste box for the school and spreading awareness about the environment to students and teachers.

In 2018, when Middle School clubs were integrated into the student schedule, our Recycling Club really had the chance to flourish. With a better meeting room and this dedicated time, we were able to welcome more members to the club. That’s when the Recycling Club became the ACE Club.  We changed our name to clarify that our club is not just about recycling but also about finding ways to consume less and taking action for the Earth!

This year, we have taken a lot of actions inside and outside of ISB. For example, we collect materials for the Crayola ColorCycle, a program that allows Crayola and other brand markers to be sent Crayola, where they are recycled and then made into more markers. We are also working to find ways to compost at ISB, a project that is currently in progress. A few months ago, we attended an event about the “Last Straw Campaign,” which urges local restaurants to stop using plastic straws because they end up in the ocean where they do not belong. The ACE Club has also shared our club’s action steps during Middle and Lower School assemblies throughout the year. This was a great chance to inform the teachers and students about how to recycle and things that they can do to help the Earth.

Please make sure to check out our website and remember to keep the environment a safe and clean place!

The ACE Club at work this year