What’s in Bloom in After School this Spring

After School and Enrichment · April 25, 2019
after school

By Kristen Moreland, Enrichment and Summer Programs Coordinator


Even after dismissal, ISB buzzes with activity and learning in our After School program and Enrichment classes. Take a peek into what’s been happening in After School so far this spring!

In the Red Group (Pre-K 3’s and 4’s), students combined glue, liquid starch, glitter, and food coloring to create blue slime. Each child took a turn adding an ingredient or helping to mix and then brought home their own container of the newly created slime!

During Choice Time, students built and played with kinetic sand (“it’s just like at the beach!”) and created vehicles and structures with Magna Tiles.

In the Orange Group (Kindergarten and 1st Grade), students took inspiration from photos of cherry blossoms and other flowers to create their own spring paintings. Using acrylic paint and square canvases, each child’s final product reflected their focus and creativity.

In the Yellow Group (2nd through 5th Grade), students created original keychains using Lego pieces. The sky was the limit in terms of design. Some patterned their keychains after flags, while others made flying vehicles and abstract structures. All were excited to add them to their backpacks when they were finished!

The Yellow Group loves games! Connect Four, Uno, and Jeopardy-style quizzes are among students’ favorites. They recently acquired a set of buzzers to make ringing in for answers even more official. Students also enjoy playing outside during After School recess, whether building with Imagination blocks or throwing a ball around with friends.

Spring Enrichment classes got off to a great start this month! In chess, students honed their skills by reviewing the pieces and their moves and playing “tournaments” with classmates and teachers. In fashion, our budding designers sat down to sketch ideas and inspirations for future creations.

No matter what our students are doing together in After School, new friendships and new discoveries are budding with each day!