Cultural Week 2019

Community · May 13, 2019
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With the help of ISB community members, our students experience stories, tastes, music, and traditions from all corners of the world during our annual school-wide celebration of cultures: Cultural Week. An enormous thank you to Program Associate Kelly Hagen for organizing this event and to all of this year’s workshop leaders (including some of our Middle School students)!

A Taste of Ghana by Charles Cann
African Dance & Drumming by AbunDANCE
Arepas by Maria Agudelo
Aztec Mosaic Mask Making by Eva Martinou
Beet Green Quesadillas and Beet Salsa by Butter Beans
Book Tasting Picnic by Elsie, Mischa, Verena  (7th Grade)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by Orlando Lopez
Cambodian Dancer Paper Doll Decoration by Danica You-Hamilton
Capoeira by Eder Souza “Curu”
Chocolate Truffles by Molida Khuon
Crêpes by Stephanie Bayard
Culture of Celebration: Mask Making by Kirsten Johnson
Dans les poches d’Alice, Pinocchio, Cendrillon, et les autres by Isabelle Simler
Frankie’s Pasta Making Workshop by Frankies 457
French Perfumes by Margaux A., Ariane B., Arianne C (7th Grade)
Games from Honduras by Jimmy Martinez
Guacamole by Gaspar S., Jonas P., Andreas N. (8th Grade)
Henna by Ashna Chopra
Italian Marble Paper by Jasmine Chu
Japanese Pattern Paper Cutting by Miwa Koizumi
Kolobok: Russian Folk Tale & Puppets by Kristen Moreland
La Feria de las Flores in Medellin, Colombia by Maria Simon
Las 3 Gulpe by Chavelly Payero & Abba Núñez-Bàez
Mexican Hot Xocolatl by Itzel Mendoza
Mexican Piñatas by Aurora Amat
Mousse au chocolat by Isabelle Dussart
Noon o Paneer by Naz Riahi
Orichiette Making by Delphine Michaud
Palmiers aux sucre by Claudia Jones
Pilates by Alice Bennahmias
Rainbow Cookies by Perrine Pradel
Shakespeare by The New Collective
Tea Tasting by Jillian W. (8th Grade)
The Spiritual Origins of Mandalas by Alda Arazi
Tortillas from Scratch by Leticia Gonzalez
Vegan Perogis & Cookie Dough by Matt Stokes & Charlotte Accola (8th Grade)
Venezuelan Tequeños by Maria Jose Cordero