ISB Explorers Week 2019

After School and Enrichment · July 17, 2019
ISB Summer

by Maria Falgoust, Molida Khuon, Carolina Bermudez, & Melvin Valenzuela


826’s Superhero Supply Store Storytelling & Bookmaking Workshop

The ISB Explorer‘s Camp kicked off the week with clues, a map, and a secret password.  Our groups, the Cartographers, the Cave Divers, the Geologists and the Oceanographers traveled swiftly. We found ourselves at Park Slope’s local superhero supply store. Using the password, “Ever vigilant, ever true” we gained entry to a hidden passage behind a metal shelf in the store.  Our teacher, Lily, led us in a discussion about the parts of a good story. Our goal was to create a book with 22 authors! A typist typed all of our ideas as we thought them up and they were projected on a screen in real time.

Together, we created a thrilling story entitled,  “Raise a Donut to Death” and reached a cliffhanger. Next, Kim and Kim, our production assistants, along with Tatti, an illustrator, worked on the books while each student wrote their story’s conclusion as well as illustrations, cover art, bio and reviews. When completed, each student gathered the pieces of their book and brought it to the binding machine to be bound.

Who should the main character be?
After a number of students described possible main characters, we voted as a group and decided Valentina’s invention, “a woman who works at Donut Plant and injects donuts with deadly venom” won.

What do we need in a story?
“We need a main character!” -Ilana
“A introduction, epilogue and pictures!” -Noah
“A narrator!” -Samirah

What did you think of the workshop?
“I’m coming back and I’m buying superhero supplies!” -Nora
“I liked the fact that I got to be very creative with this project.” -Emile


J.J. Byrne Playground & Ample Hills Creamery


Bowling at Melody Lanes

Lunch at Maria’s Bistro

On Tuesday, the Explorers took Sunset Park!  First, we went bowling at Melody Lanes and had a blast.

Lunch at Maria’s Bistro

Next, we used a clue to locate Maria’s Bistro and enjoyed a Mexican feast: plantains, empanadas, guacamole and tortilla chips, and roasted chicken served with refreshing aquas frescas!
“This is my first time having horchata and it was really good.” -Valentina
“I love the agua de jamaica.” -May
“The whole experience was absolutely amazing and the food was maravilloso!” -Samirah
“The food was so good, I’m coming back with my mom.” -Oona
For a cooling dessert, we went to a Mexican Ice establishment and enjoyed a variety of flavors, from lemon to cantaloupe to mango! To complete our day, we went to Sunset Park to play both in the playground an on the lawn with the most spectacular view!


The Paley Center for Media

Superheroes, Crime Fighters & Villains: This interactive class encouraged active observation and critical thinking about historic and contemporary television and radio programs.  After watching a montage of superhero shows throughout history, we discussed different characteristics, themes, and body language associated with superheroes and villains. After the workshop concluded, we visited their game room and everyone played games of their choice.

What makes a hero ?
“It is a person that is selfless.” -Telmo
“They risk their lives for others.” -Leo

“They love helping others!” -Aoife
“Heroes are independent and have a secret identity!” -Nora
What makes a villain?
A person that’s hurt, mad and wants revenge.” -Ilana
They have an evil laugh.” -Zak
What was your favorite part of the day?
“I loved it all: the game center was my favorite and I played in the simulator.” –Ilana


GrowNYC’s Teaching Garden at Governors Island

Have you heard about GrowNYC’s Governors Island’s Teaching Garden? It is a one acre urban farm that aims to engage, excite, and educate its visitors in all aspects of urban farming. The ISB Explorers enjoyed tasting gooseberries, pineapple-sage herbs, and nasturtiums, as well as harvesting carrots and beets, making hummus, and planting onions! Next, the students played in the state-of-the art playground and in the sprinkler.

Asked about their favorite parts of the day, the Explorers said:
“I liked the homemade hummus and riding the ferry.” –Maddie
“I loved seeing the fish at the garden!” –Violette
I liked making the hummus and tasting it!” –Telmo
“My favorite part of the day was planting onions.” –Eliott
“I really liked laying in the hammocks in the park.” -Audrey
“Being in the sprinklers was so fun!” -Emile
“I liked tasting new and unexpected flavors!” -Charlotte
I enjoyed riding the ferry and the view of the city!” -Katie


St. Mary’s Playground

Jalopy Theatre and School of Music

Using the secret password, “Despacito!” we were allowed into Jalopy Theatre where we were greeted by our hip hop dance teacher, Keon Washington, an instructor at Cora Dance Studio. Students learned fly dance moves and grooved to the sounds of hip hop.

Next, Mexican performers, Tepeyolohtli Sones de Tarima played a show and led an interactive dance lesson for us. They are a family of musicians from Guerrero, Mexico, and they performed songs in Spanish and Nawat along with a five-string guitar with a belly, a tarima, and a cajón . Many of their songs were about native animals of Guerrero, Mexico, such as iguanas, bulls, birds, and ducks. Students learned about how using rebozos and hand gestures signal turns and directions of movement, and they took to the floor to dance along to the songs!

After the performance, the Explorers indulged in Steve’s famous key lime pies, a Red Hook staple, back at the Jalopy’s backyard garden.

Asked what their favorite part of the day was, Explorers replied:

The band was awesome and the key lime pie was amazing: it was my favorite part of the week!” –Marion
I enjoyed doing the iguana dance.” –Henry
Tepellotly was my favorite part; especially the the iguana song.” –Charlotte
I enjoyed the hip-hop dance.” –May
“El zopilote fue mi canción favorito” -Aarav

ISB’s 2019 Explorers Week was a blast! We tested our map-reading skills, travelled by ferry, subway and foot, and tasted a wide variety of foods and treats. We managed to pack in a week that included creative writing, bowling, urban farming, playing, films, gaming, dancing, and even a live music show!