Leadership through Science

Community · March 19, 2020
IB at ISB Middle School

In Science class, 8th Graders chose to explore and present on a topic of their choice related to chemistry. Topics included freezing ice cream, researching individual chemists who made significant contributions to the field, exploring neutralization, taking a persuasive stance on soda, and more. Throughout these projects, students were able to choose what interested them most and conduct their own research.

Teaching and presenting to younger students also helped the 8th Graders deepen their understanding of their own project and their motivation for learning. There was a strong sense of ownership and responsibility amongst the 8th Graders as they knew their younger peers were looking up to them to help them understand their projects and answer their questions. The 4th Grade students enjoyed their science lab visit very much and were intrigued by the dynamic and fun presentations. They took notes on each presentation to bring back to their own classrooms. These presentations helped build connections between grades as students shared in their cross-divisional curiosity of science. Students are excited to continue to learn and lead through science as the year moves ahead!

These chemistry projects were especially meaningful because the 8th Grade students had the opportunity to share, present, and demonstrate what they had learned to their younger peers in 4th Grade. You could feel the excitement of both the 8th Grade presenters and their younger 4th Grade peers as they waited near the science lab to explore the topics inside.