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We are still accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year! Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a tour.


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Clubs · December 21, 2021

The Newest Edition of Middle School Clubs: The ISB Times

Students approached Middle School English Language and Literature Teacher Katie Rogers with an idea to create a new addition to the Middle School club’s roster – the Newspaper Club! The club has been gaining momentum throughout the fall, with students and staff eager to read each new issue of ISB’s first completely student-run newspaper, the ISB Times. With a team spirit and a collaborative mindset, students have been reporting, interviewing, and researching on a wide range of topics for each issue published. “We are here to educate, spread the word on different topics, and have fun,” shares Club Co-leader Valentina. “We take suggestions and ideas because we are a community that’s here to help and have fun. We add different columns, and let people write about a vast amount of different topics they want to write about, while still keeping journalistic integrity.

As the club members reflected on their experiences on the Newspaper Staff, they recognized that patience, empathy, and time management skills are fundamental for a successful newspaper operation.

Hear from the journalists themselves below:

What drew you to the Newspaper Club? Why did you want to be a part of this club?


“I wanted to be a part of the Newspaper Club because I thought that it would be a fun and interesting thing to be able to learn more about our school and to be able to teach others more about our school” Lucia, 8th Grade, Staff Writer 


“As a leader, we wanted to create this club because we each had a passion for writing.” Chloe, 8th Grade, Club Co-leader 


“I wanted to inform peers on what is happening in school and outside to expose them to information they didn’t know before.” Nairobi, 7th Grade Staff Writer 

What have you learned so far from being a member of the Newspaper Club?


If you work together, anything is possible.Karel, 8th Grade, Staff Writer 


“I’ve learned to be a leader and how to lead a group, also, when people are unhappy with something, I’ve learned how to deal with that which has improved my social skills.” Leon, 8th Grade, Club Co-leader


“I learned to be a better interviewer.” Max, 7th Grade Staff Writer 


“I have learned about lots of events happening all over the world, and I have also learned about how a newspaper can be successfully published. ” Sophie, 8th Grade Staff Writer


How do you feel the Newspaper Club has impacted you?


I feel like it has helped me write more professionally Emilie, 8th Grade Staff Writer


“I feel that the Newspaper Club has impacted me in a positive way because I have been able to learn more about the people at the school, and I have been able to improve my teamwork skills.” – Gabriel, 8th Grade Staff Writer 


“I think it has made me more empathetic and patient towards other people. ” Juliette, 6th Grade Staff Writer


“It has given me a place where I can help voice opinions and information, as well as somewhere I can write creatively and explore ideas. “ Emma, 8th Grade Staff Writer 

Many students were drawn to this club as an introduction to journalism, and it is impressive how much they have been able to cover in such a short time. In addition to refining their writing and reporting skills, as they work on putting together each new edition, they are learning about graphics, visual assets, and layouts. Students have reported on world news, ISB news, special media, and more, involving staff, faculty, and members of their local community in their reporting.


Have a good story, an idea, or a community update? Contact the Newspaper Club at isbtimes@isbrooklyn.org! Check the Weekly to read The ISB Times’  most recent issues!