We are still accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year! Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a tour.


We are still accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year! Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a tour.


Una pasión por la enseñanza y el aprendizaje

Une passion pour l'enseignement et l'apprentissage

ISB teachers are passionate, experienced educators who are open-minded and deeply invested in their work. They are dedicated to implementing the use of culturally authentic and diverse resources to create open dialogue and thought-provoking learning environments for their students in order to continuously expand their thinking in a global context. ISB's faculty members reflect the school’s mission: they are adventurers, innovators, and caring communicators who strive to instill in all students a passion and love for learning.

ISB Teachers Are:


  • Native speakers in their language of instruction
  • From diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Enthusiastic lifelong learners themselves
  • Reflective on their own approaches to teaching
  • Committed to their development as educators and participate in ongoing professional development
  • Active and avid followers of current local and global educational trends


Joe Santos, Head of School

Anuja Butala, Director of Advancement

Itzel Mendoza, Director of Preschool

Kristen Moreland, Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Katie Rogers, Interim Director of Middle School

Rosa Torres, Director of Lower School

Sakai Troxell, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Danielle Valenti, Director of Communications

Kelvin Ward, Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Enrollment



Emilie Catinot, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator

Brenna DiCola, Interim MYP Coordinator and Math Coordinator

Laetitia Gabriel-Caldwell, Assistant Director of Lower School and French Language Coordinator

Karuna Hernandez, Spanish Language Coordinator

Selena Lynn, PYP Coordinator

Bernard Mithieux, French Language Co-Coordinator

Kimesha Reid-Grant, Interim Assistant Director of Middle School

Muriel Stallworth, Sustainability Coordinator

Christina Wellington, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator

April Yuen, English Language Coordinator


Jocsan Crespo, IT Support Specialist

Alexandra DiBuono, Bookkeeper

David Estrada, Evening Receptionist

Jordan Genee, Technology Director

Andrea Kientz, Operations Manager and Assistant to the Head of School

Eliot Osorio, Daytime Receptionist and Athletics Coordinator

Paul Romano, Communications Associate

Carolina Samano, Human Resources Manager

Shavella St. Preux, Program Associate

Alan Sze, Controller

Sierra Vazquez, Advancement Associate



Hector Castillo, Facilities and Security Manager

Mercilyn Dixon, Janitor

Marc Martinez, Facilities Associate

Jose Rodriguez, Facilities Associate



Kali Gerber, RN, School Nurse

Dr. Elizabeth Helbraun, School Consulting Psychologist

Lily Infante, Middle School Counselor and High School Placement Director



Lucidania Cruz, Spanish Pre-K 3 Head Teacher

Elisa Hevia, Spanish Pre-K 3 Associate Teacher

Mercedes Flores, Spanish Pre-K 3 Classroom Aide

Perrine Pradel, French Pre-K 3 Head Teacher

Lara Vallance, French Pre-K 3 Associate Teacher

Abdoulaye Guendeba, Pre-K 3 Classroom Aide



Leticia Gonzalez, Spanish Pre-K 4 Head Teacher

Yaritza Gonzalez, Spanish Pre-K 4 Associate Teacher

Rosa Zarama, Spanish Pre-K 4 Classroom Aide

Mariane Riad, French Pre-K 4 Head Teacher

Meryem Tagmouti, French Pre-K 4 Associate Teacher

Simba Yangala, French Pre-K 4 Classroom Aide



Rosalia LoBue, Spanish Kindergarten Head Teacher

Jacy Bispo, Spanish Kindergarten Associate Teacher

Ramatha Gbedeko, French Kindergarten Head Teacher

Malique Lee Moore, French Kindergarten Associate Teacher

Elizabeth Boyd, Kindergarten English Teacher



Christina Wellington, Spanish 1st Grade Head Teacher

Neva Palacio, Spanish 1st Grade Associate Teacher

Sabrina Maquet, French 1st Grade Head Teacher

Anne-Marie Raboud, French 1st Grade Associate Teacher

Selena Lynn, 1st Grade English Head Teacher



Catalina Rojas Cuellar, Spanish 2nd Grade Teacher

Cristian Saez, Spanish 2nd Grade Associate Teacher

Guillaume Fructus, French 2nd Grade Teacher

Christine Laurore, French 2nd Grade Associate Teacher

Ayesha Mahomed, English 2nd Grade Teacher



Rebeca Conget, Spanish 3rd Grade Teacher

Bernard Mithieux, French 3rd Grade Teacher

Jayne Sugg, English 3rd Grade Teacher

Sara Catalano, English 3rd Grade Teacher



Salome Gotreau, French 4th Grade Teacher

Jayne Sugg, English 4th Grade Teacher

Eulalia Fernandez Arango, Spanish 4th Grade Teacher

Sara Catalano, English 4th Grade Teacher



Karuna Hernandez, Spanish 5th Grade Teacher

Emilie Catinot, French 5th Grade Teacher

Emily Auchincloss, English 5th Grade Teacher



Carolina Bermudez, Spanish Art Teacher

Elizabeth Boyd, Science Teacher (Kindergarten through 5th Grade)

Muriel Stallworth, French Art Teacher (Pre-K 3 through 3rd Grade)

Alda Arazi, French Art Teacher (4th and 5th Grade)

Maria Falgoust, Head Librarian

Amy Ribakove, Librarian

Justin Indovina, Music Teacher (5th Grade)

Melanie Cozzi, Music Teacher (Pre-K 3 through 4th Grade)

Xavier Huc, French Physical Education Teacher (Pre-K 3 through 5th Grade)

Jimmy Martinez, Spanish Physical Education Teacher (Pre-K 3 through 5th Grade)

Federica Marzolo, Technology Integrator



Carol Leung, Learning Specialist (Kindergarten through 3rd Grade)

Amanda Iturbe, Learning Specialist (4th and 8th Grade)

Itzel Mendoza, Learning Support Coordinator

Emilie Catinot, French Language Support

Christine Laurore, French Language Support

Ayesha Mahomed, English Language Learner Support and Academic Support

Emily Auchincloss, English Language Learner Support and Academic Support

Karuna Hernandez, Spanish Language Support

Cristian Saez, Spanish Language Support



Elizabeth Lahart, Enrichment and Summer Programs Director

Mercedes Flores, After School Instructor

Abdouyale Guendeba, After School Instructor

Amy Moran, After School Instructor

Awa Niang, After School Instructor

Lo-renzo Robertson, After School Instructor

Maria Sosa, After School Instructor

Cynthia Walkes, After School Instructor

Simba Yangala, After School Instructor

Rosa Zarama, After School Instructor


Marcela Carvalho, School Aide

Christina DaLomba, Middle School Aide

Zaida de Los Santos, School Aide

Awa Niang, School Aide

Lo-renzo Robertson, School Aide


Khaalid Allen, English Individuals and Societies Teacher, English Language Support

Alda Arazi, French Visual Arts Teacher

Emilie Berger, French Language Acquisition Teacher and Department Head, French Language Support, Language Acquisition Department Head

Emily Beringhaus, English Language and Literature Teacher and Department Head

Carolina Bermudez, Spanish and English Visual Arts Teacher and Department Head

Jamie Cannon, Physical and Health Education Teacher

Brenna DiCola, Mathematics Teacher and Department Head

Maria Falgoust, Librarian

Hined Haida, Spanish Individuals and Societies Teacher, Spanish Language Support

Ashley Harris, English Language and Literature Teacher

Xavier Huc, Physical and Health Education Teacher and Department Head

Justin Indovina, Performing Arts Teacher and Department Head

Amanda Iturbe, Learning Support Teacher

Jimmy Martinez, Physical and Health Education Teacher

Federica Marzolo, Design Teacher and Technology Integrator

Ryan McKeown, Math Teacher

Nuria Montero Santos, Spanish Language and Literature Teacher, Spanish Language Support

Oscar Pau, Language Acquisition Teacher, Spanish Language Support

Kimesha Reid-Grant, Science Teacher and Department Head

Amy Ribakove, Librarian

Guillaume Roper-Sirvent, French Individuals and Societies Teacher and Department Head, French Language Support

Marianne Tober, French Language and Literature Teacher, French Language Support

Nancy Zhang, Middle School Science Teacher

Faculty & Staff IB Learner Profiles

Attributes of the learner profile are found all throughout ISB. ISB uses the IB learner profile to center students’ learning. The IB learner profile is a broad range of human capacities and responsibilities that go hand in hand with academic success. The attributes of the learner profile encompass intellectual, personal, emotional, and social growth. The development and demonstration of these attributes are foundational to students becoming internationally-minded, active, and caring community members who respect themselves, others, and the world around them.

“Restoring Faith in Humanity and Yourself in 5 Million Easy Steps” by Brenna DiCola, ISB Math Teacher

Since graduating from Swarthmore College, Brenna has worked with students in grades K-8 at private schools around Philadelphia, in Lawrence, KS, and in Madrid. She has taught everything from English and Social Studies to Science and Technology, but her passion is Math Education. This past summer, Brenna moved to New York and found a home at ISB, where she currently teaches 6th and 7th Grade Math and serves as Head of the Middle School Math Department. In 2015, Brenna took a five-month hiatus from the classroom to hike the Appalachian Trail, a 2,189.2-mile trek through fourteen states. During ISB's 2020 Pecha Kucha Evening in early March, Brenna shared about her journey and the many lessons she learned along the way in her presentation: “Restoring Faith in Humanity and Yourself in 5 Million Easy Steps."

Staff Spotlight: Kristen Moreland

Kristen Moreland joined ISB in Fall 2018 as the Enrichment and Summer Programs Coordinator. Did you know that she speaks more than four languages? I sat down with Kristen to learn more about her personal experience with language immersion and her passion for cross-cultural education.