Covid-19 Safety Plan for the 2021-2022 School Year

Updated August 27, 2021

Cohort System & Social Distancing

A student and teacher cohort system will be in effect in order to ensure that the least possible number of individuals are in contact with each other. Whenever a positive Covid-19 case is found in a cohort, the entire cohort needs to stay home while the school completes contract tracing. On completion of the contract tracing, some students and staff may be able to return to school if they were not exposed. Student and teacher cohorts will be organized as follows:

  • From Pre-K 3 through 2nd Grade, cohorts will be composed of individual classes (e.g. French Kindergarten is one cohort).*
  • In 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade, the entire grade will be a cohort.
  • The entire Middle School makes up a single cohort. 

Preschool and Lower School Specialist teachers (Art, Music, Library, and Science) will teach multiple cohorts in person. Physical Education will be taught outdoors whenever possible. If Physical Education needs to be taught indoors, activities will be modified to reduce the risk of contagion.

*Note: The After School Care program will be run by grade level. Students in Pre-K 3 through 2nd Grade who participate in the afterschool program will interact with other students in their grade and outside of their assigned cohort, increasing the number of students who they are in contact with.

Common Areas, Lunch, Snack, Visitors, and Gatherings

  • The Staff Lounge and Cafeteria will be closed to students.
  • The front yard and the main courtyard will be used for small group recess, and occasional outdoor classes and lunches, weather permitting. 
  • The Health Office has returned to its original location in the Lower Level of the West Building. An isolation room has been created next to the Health Office.
  • The Library will be open during the school day but will be closed at 4:00pm.
  • The Cafeteria will be used for food preparation, and the remaining area has been divided into two spaces, a workspace for staff and a space for staff and faculty to eat in during inclement weather. Staff are encouraged to eat in their classrooms or in the front courtyard whenever possible. 

Arrival and Dismissal

Every morning before school, all families will be required to complete a health screening questionnaire and temperature check for their children via the web-based app, Ruvna. All staff and faculty members will also be required to fill out this questionnaire before entering the building each morning. 

During arrival, administrators will be checking that this health screening questionnaire has been completed for everyone who enters the building. Students, staff, and faculty will not be able to enter the building if they have not completed the daily health screening. If a student has not completed the daily screening upon arrival, the School Nurse or other administrators will help to facilitate this health screening for the student outside of the building. 

Program and Academics

ISB will run a modified after school program. After School Care from Pre-K 3 through 5th Grade will be conducted by grade level groups. These groups will not mix indoors but may have recess together outdoors; students will be required to wear masks outdoors if different grade level groups are outdoors in the yard at the same time together..  Parents of students in single section cohorts (Pre-K 3 through 2nd Grade) should note that if their child participates in the After School Care program, they will be exposed to students from the other language track in their grade.


A limited Enrichment class program will also be offered for Preschool and Lower School students by grade, and a small number of Middle School activities and clubs will be offered.

Health, Hygiene, and Safety

Masks or face coverings will be required for all staff members and students at all times when indoors. Staff and families are encouraged to bring in their own face coverings, but there will be a supply of single use masks at school for those who need them. The school day schedule will build in time for mask breaks both for students and staff, and students and staff will not be required to wear masks outdoors. All students and staff will receive training on the proper wearing and taking off of face masks.

Covid-19 Outbreak Monitoring, Quarantine Requirements, and Communications Procedures

ISB is prepared for possible interruptions to on-campus learning in the event that New York City experiences a spike in Covid-19 cases or in the event that a cohort needs to quarantine due to Covid-19 exposure. In the event that a cohort must quarantine due to Covid-19 exposure, the affected cohort will transition to distance learning as soon as possible. ISB will follow State and City guidelines on school closures should there be an increase in cases in the local area. 


ISB has trained several administrators, through John Hopkins University,  to be Contact Tracers. In the event of a positive Covid-19 case at ISB, This Contact Tracing Team, in conjunction with the School Nurse will begin comprehensive contact tracing within the community and notify all affected parties. The cohort(s) that the positive case is in will begin distance learning as soon as possible for a minimum of 10 days as required by the quarantine period. The Contact Tracing Team will check in on the affected individual(s) regularly to monitor symptoms and help to determine when isolation can end.

Cleaning and Sanitization

ISB will follow all CDC/NYSED guidelines on proper cleaning and sanitization of the School premises. 

All facilities team members who perform cleaning and sanitizing must wear appropriate PPE as set forth in CDC guidelines. In addition, the school building will be cleaned and sanitized each evening by an outside vendor cleaning company, which will include cleaning and disinfecting all spaces, tabletops, bathrooms and high-touch areas. Each week, the school building will undergo a deep cleaning and sanitization. ISB has also hired a full-time janitor on staff to increase sanitization and cleaning throughout the school day.

All water fountains will be used only as water bottle refill stations. Students and staff are highly encouraged to bring in and use their own water bottle. Each cohort will have their own set of recess toys that will be used for their class only. Toys used in Preschool will be disinfected daily.