Los pilares de nuestra escuela

Les piliers de notre école

Senior Administration

Joe Santos, Head of School

Rosa Torres, Director of Preschool

Richard Brownstone, Director of Middle School

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office

Sakai Troxell, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director

Admissions Office

Kristen Moreland, Associate Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Kelvin Ward, Associate Director of Admissions, Marketing, and Enrollment

Advancement Office

Sandra Bueno, Events and Database Manager

Danielle Valenti, Communications Director


Elizabeth Lahart, Enrichment and Summer Programs Director

Shavella St. Preux, Program Associate

Andrea Kientz, Assistant to the Head of School

Eliot Osorio, Receptionist, Administrative Support, and Athletics Coordinator

Sierra Vazquez, Receptionist and Administrative Support

Counseling and Wellness

Kali Gerber, RN, School Nurse

Lily Infante, Middle School Counselor and High School Placement Coordinator

Dr. Liz Helbraun, School Psychologist


Jordan Genee, Technology Director

Jocsan Crespo, IT Support Specialist

Business Office

Alan Sze, Controller

Carolina Samano, Business Office Associate

Monica Concepcion, Bookkeeper



Hector Castillo, Facilities Manager

Mercilyn Dixon, Janitor

Marc Martinez, Facilities Associate