We are still accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year! Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a tour.


We are still accepting applications for the 2023-2024 school year! Contact the Admissions Office to schedule a tour.


Vision 2021

Plan estratégico

Plan stratégique

Dear Community,
On behalf of International School of Brooklyn’s Board of Trustees, I am delighted to share with you Vision 2021, ISB’s new strategic plan. This plan, adopted by the Board on September 28, 2017, is the culmination of a year-long process involving stakeholders from across our school community. I would like to thank the members of the Vision 2021 Strategic Planning Committee, the Vision 2021 Community Group, the Board of Trustees, and all of the parents, students, alumni, and staff who contributed their energy and ideas to this plan. I am excited to see the many ways these strategic goals will be used to guide ISB’s actions and decision-making in the years to come, strengthening our school and providing new opportunities for our students.

Best regards,
Daniel Paccione
Chair of the Vision 2021 Strategic Planning Committee and Vice President of the ISB Board of Trustees

Download the Vision 2021 Strategic Plan Here


Embrace and foster equity and inclusion

Our goal is to ensure that our school’s commitment to a just and inclusive world is reflected in all activities that we engage in.

ISB commits to:

• develop opportunities to expand the diversity of our internal community, including students, families, Faculty, Staff, and the Board of Trustees.
• increase the diversity of the population beyond cultural diversity and showcase to all members of our community.
• support students, parents, Faculty, and Staff around their identities.

• deepen Faculty training on the subjects of race, gender/sexual orientation, religion and cultural diversity, including training on supporting a full range of learners.

• develop an explicit racial literacy curriculum for both students and faculty.


Energize & share our distinctive educational culture

Our goal is to energize ISB’s distinctive educational culture. We seek: to align all aspects of our program through the risk-taking lenses of innovation and creativity; to use our core values and mission to guide our program; and to showcase the strength of our N-8 multilingual IB program, internally and externally.

ISB commits to:

• develop a strong support system for our full range of learners.
• strengthen our program around STEM.
• strengthen alignment and collaboration across all grades and language tracks of the school.
• create new schedules which allow for flexibility in program offerings.
• support all Faculty in pedagogical innovation.
• engage our community by leveraging its expertise and resources to embed diverse perspectives
across all grades and language tracks.
• ensure that faculty and staff participate in and lead professional learning.
• expand community service and leadership opportunities for all students.


Actively connect and communicate with our community and the world

Our goal is to build, and strengthen relationships with our internal and external community to identify opportunities, expand our community,
and create visibility and connections.

ISB commits to:

• emphasize our six core values and articulate them in all of our communications to our community.
• reach a broader audience by engaging our faculty, staff and parents more deeply and empowering them to further ISB’s outreach.
• highlight the diverse perspectives and experiences of our community.
• strengthen connections with the high schools most frequently attended by our graduates.
• expand relationships with other schools internationally.
• create study-abroad and cultural programs in order to enhance learning experiences.
• create opportunities for all students to share their expertise in language with audiences across our local and global communities.


Innovate for our Financial Future

Our goal is to set and manage proactive revenue targets and use prudent financial management to meet and support our mission and core value objectives. This approach positions our school to meet immediate needs for continued maturity and self-sustainability, while also laying the groundwork for future financial flexibility.

ISB commits to:

• work towards full enrollment each year.
• increase the number and size of gifts to the ISB Annual Fund for Excellence to support our strategic goals.
• increase the operating budget to support the goals of our strategic plan.
• plan for the life-cycle of our school building and equipment.
• raise funds for capital projects that would enhance our facilities such as a renovated yard and a new STEM space.
• ensure that our salaries and benefit packages are consistent with our community in order to attract and retain a diverse pool of quality educators and administrators.

ISB Board of Trustees


Sophie Panchal, President
Daniel Paccione, Vice President
Bradlee Benn, Treasurer
Mónica Burgos, Secretary
Isabelle Jouanneau-Fertig, Past President
Nancy Woodruff, Past President
Jérôme Barth
Yvonne Martínez Brathwaite
Susan Breton
Gretchen Drobnyk
Kate Eberle Walker
Paul Edelstein
Julio Salcedo-Fernandez
Donyell Thompson
Rebecca Skinner, Head of School and Co-Founder
Joe Santos, Head of School Elect

Vision 2021 Community Group


Julio Salcedo-Fernandez, Trustee and Parent
Kyle Vitale, Administrator
Lauren Cantor, Faculty
Itzel Mendoza, Faculty
Jessica Chalmers, Faculty
Katie Rogers, Faculty
Sebastien Grouard, Parent
Yolanda Miranda, Parent
Chinyere Vann, Parent
Terence Yarde, Parent
Georgia Fumusa, Alumna
Emerson Thomas-Gregory, Alumna
Leila Narisetti, Alumna

Vision 2021 Strategic Planning Committee


Daniel Paccione, Vision 2021 Committee Chair and Vice President, ISB Board of Trustees
Yvonne Brathwaite, Trustee
Nancy Woodruff, Past President and Trustee
Rebecca Skinner, Head of School and Co-founder
Joe Santos, Head of School Elect
Natalie Judelson, Director of Operations and Advancement
Christina Hultholm, Communications and Alumni Relations Director

2nd Grade Future Astronauts Blast Off to Outer Space

There was a buzz of excitement in the 2nd Grade classrooms as students began their next unit of inquiry on outer space. First, students reflected on their prior knowledge by writing and drawing what they already knew about the solar system, and then, they moved on to their space adventures! “This is the best unit for 2nd Graders!” says Paulina Bemporad, 2nd Grade English Teacher. “We tap into the wonder and imagination for space exploration, investigating our Solar System as we integrate science, math, physics, language, literacy, and social studies.”

A Powerful and Intimate Conversation Between ISB 5th Graders and Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez

Each year, as part of the Civic Symbols and Constitutions unit of inquiry, the 5th Grade class sets off to Washington, D.C. to further understand how our the Constitution and other political documents are used to govern the country and to explore the ways that monuments and civic symbols express the common values of our society. While field trips have been put on pause during the pandemic, the class has been enjoying virtual field trips and meetings with special visitors as they learn more about the United States government. Last week, the 5th Graders were very fortunate to have a virtual visit from Congresswoman Nydia Velázquez, New York’s 7th Congressional district representative, which includes their own school community in Carroll Gardens as well as several other surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods.

La Tierra en Movimiento

The 5th Grade “Moving Earth” unit encompasses Earth’s changes and how those changes can affect our lives. No one could have predicted that students would be exploring this unit while living through a historic pandemic, but the current context gave students a deeper connection to their studies and a very real lens through which to develop inquisitive questions. Students launched the unit by investigating the Earth’s changes and the human response. To explore this, Spanish 5th Graders interviewed people who have lived through various disasters from all around the world.