ISB Community

Helping Enrich Students’ Educational Experiences

Community plays a crucial role at ISB. We feel our community members serve as important role models for our students. Through the involvement of highly active and engaged families and community members, ISB can further enrich our students’ educational journey. Whether it’s helping to organize Cultural Week or sharing their life experiences in a classroom, the vibrancy of our community is central to the ISB experience.

The ISB Multicultural Book Club’s Inaugural Year

The newly-formed ISB Multicultural Book Club held five gatherings throughout the past school year, offering parents across language tracks and grade levels, as well as ISB faculty and staff, opportunities to meet in a social and intellectual setting. Attendees got to know each other while discussing literature about important contemporary issues. The meetings created a space for us to come together and reminded us of the importance of lifelong learning, setting an example for our children and students by showing them that intellectual growth and community-building do not end with formal education.

Visit ISB for a Spring Tour!

Please join us for one of our weekly spring tours! Whether you are interested in applying for one of our limited open seats for Fall 2018 or want to get a head start on the 2019-2020 admissions process, we welcome you to come meet our exceptional staff, see our colorful classrooms, and discover our rich Nursery - 8th Grade program.

ISB Literacy Week and Multilingual Book Fair 2017

While walking through the halls during ISB’s Literacy Week, one would have been hard-pressed to avoid falling under its spell. As is tradition, classes kicked off the celebration by reproducing a full-length book jackets of their favorite books as covers for their classroom doors. These colorful displays left one to ponder the eponymous forest-dweller in El Grufalo by Julia Donaldson while passing by Spanish Nursery, or feel transported to the medieval castle in Le Roi Est Occupé by Mario Ramos upon entering French Pre-K.