Cold Bar Items:

  • An ​expanded variety of​ ​Boar’s Head deli meats​ on a weekly rotation. Turkey will remain on the cold bar daily coupled with a second deli meat rotating between ham, buffalo chicken, and salami.
  • An ​expanded variety of cheeses​ on a weekly rotation. Sliced American cheese will remain on the cold bar daily coupled with a second cheese rotating between sliced provolone, sliced cheddar, and sliced pepper jack. We will continue to serve shredded cheese on taco and chili days, along with parmesan on pasta days.
  • A ​larger variety of lettuce options​. Our traditional Butter Beans lettuce blend of red leaf and green leaf lettuce will be served daily, and the second lettuce option will rotate weekly between arugula and spinach.
  • Hummus​ will now be considered a specialty salad, and will be present on the menu twice per month for a few consecutive days.
  • Our ​crudites selection​ will include additional variety like raw mushrooms and raw cauliflower.
  • We are​ increasing the variety of drinks​ that we offer by serving lemonade twice per month, with a rotation of homemade lemonade and homemade limeade.
  • For schools that have an after-school canteen program, we are rotating in some fun ​new muffin flavors like cranberry orange, chocolate cherry, and lemon poppy.

Hot Bar Items:

  • Our ​Applegate ​hot dogs are free from hormones, antibiotics, nitrates and nitrites. Additionally,​ Applegate hot dogs are NON-GMO verified, made from 100% grass-fed, pasture raised beef, and are humanely raised.
  • We are now offering an ​additional bread option​ of whole wheat dinner rolls that we will serve on select pasta or meatball days, at least 1-2 times per week.