Welcome to the Health Office
The mission of the Health Office is to promote engaged and present learners by providing care in a school setting. The role of the School Nurse is to provide first aid, chronic health management, care coordination, and health education to the ISB community. The nurse is used as a resource by the school to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for all students.

Kali Gerber, RN, BSN

"My role as a School Nurse is to be there for the students in whatever capacity they need. From cleaning and bandaging a scrap, to helping a student calm down before a big presentation, to fixing a pair of glasses. It is my greatest joy to support the students and to see their curiosity piqued when they learn something new about how their body works."


Kali earned her B.S. from the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. She grew up watching her mother be a School Nurse, so the decision of what specialty to go into after graduation was an easy one. She chose school nursing because she believes in the importance of school health and that intervention early promotes both individual and public health. Prior to joining ISB in 2018, Kali worked in public high schools, elementary schools, and Early Childhood Special Education in Minnesota. During her time as school nurse, she seen how having nursing interventions in school can help to maintain health for those with chronic health conditions, enable proper response to injury and illness, and allow for direct health education to students, staff, and families. Kali loves getting to know ISB’s students and establishing long-term relationships with families. In her spare time, Kali enjoys writing, painting, and bringing her dog with her everywhere.