Lice Policy

In accordance with New York City Department of Education, ISB excludes for live lice and students with nits are able to stay in school.

Lice checks are performed school-wide three times per year after summer break, winter break, and spring break. Spot checks are done if a student, parent, or teacher has concerns about lice. Classroom checks are performed when a case of lice has been reported in the classroom.

If your student is found to have live lice during these checks, you will be called to pick them up as soon as possible. They will wait in either the Health Office or Reception area. If your student is found to have nits during one of these checks, you will be called and/or emailed by the Health Office. At that time, you can decide if you would like your student to remain in school or be picked up.

Our school-wide lice checks are performs by Lice-Free Noggins, a local lice removal company that does in-home checks and removals. If they find lice on your student, a coupon for first-time customers is sent home with your student should you decide to do a professional cleaning.

Department of Lice Control


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