A Journey of Academic Achievement and Excellence


Pre-K 3s, Pre-K 4s,
and Kindergarten



to 5th Grade



to 8th Grade


Building Well-Rounded Students

ISB’s Enrichment, Athletics, Clubs, and Summer Programs

ISB offers a variety of after school and extracurricular activities that support and enhance the personal, social, emotional, physical, and creative growth of our students.

ISB Library

International School of Brooklyn’s School Library seeks to implement, enrich, and support our innovative educational program through access to multilingual resources and development of curriculum.


Founded in 2005, ISB was created to provide an intimate and multicultural setting with a balanced, challenging, and rigorous academic program.

ISB’s academic program provides a stimulating and challenging learning environment that evolves as the student's thinking skills and creativity develop.

What makes the ISB educational approach so unique is that it pairs an interdisciplinary and inquiry-based International Baccalaureate framework with an innovative French and Spanish language immersion experience.

ISB’s program features a blend of best practices from the U.S. education system combined with the French National Curriculum and curricula from Spanish-speaking countries.

This dynamic and goal-oriented learning environment provides students with the skills to challenge themselves in an environment that holds them to high academic standards.

Develop True Linguistic and Cultural Literacy

ISB students acquire academic and cultural bilingualism by learning in a language through authentic contexts. From Pre-K 3 to 8th Grade, ISB’s curriculum exposes students to the global fabric of cultures and to experiences in and out of the classroom that enhance their educational journeys. This inspiring learning environment produces well-rounded, multilingual leaders who are passionate about learning and driven to succeed.

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Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4

100% instruction in French or Spanish (target language)



90% instruction in the target language and 10% in English


1st – 3rd Grades

75% instruction in the target language and 25% in English


4th – 5th Grades

50% instruction in the target language and 50% in English


6th – 8th Grades

For monolingual students, 20% instruction in the target language and 80% in English. For fully bilingual students, 30% instruction in the target language, 60% in English, and 10% instruction in a third target language.

i-graph-bubbleBilingual students and native French or Spanish may apply at any grade

i-graph-bubble-singleMonolingual students are eligible to apply to Pre-K 3-1st Grade and 6th-8th Grade. Monolingual 6th-8th Grade applicants will be given a language assessment.


Building a Lifelong Love of Learning

ISB students begin in the Lower School (Pre-K 3s to 5th Grade) then move up to the Middle School (6th to 8th Grade)

The Rigorous ISB Learning Experience

  • Instills international mindedness
  • Emphasizes critical thinking skills through inquiry and reflection
  • Teaches independence, collaboration, and adaptability
  • Grows students’ creativity, enabling them to produce high quality work in diverse contexts
  • Builds strong oral communication skills through writing, research, and the use of technology
  • Challenges students to apply learned skills in real-world situations

ISB Teachers: A Love for Teaching and Learning

ISB teachers are passionate, experienced educators who are open-minded and deeply invested in their work.

They are dedicated to implementing the use of culturally authentic and diverse resources to create open dialogue and thought-provoking learning environments for their students in order to continuously expand their thinking in a global context.

ISB teachers reflect the school’s mission: they are adventurers, innovators, and caring communicators who strive to instill in all students a passion and love for learning.

ISB Teachers Are:

  • Native speakers in their language of instruction
  • From diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Enthusiastic lifelong learners themselves
  • Reflective on their own approaches to teaching
  • Committed to their development as educators and participate in ongoing professional development
  • Active and avid followers of current local and global educational trends

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