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Follow our students as they engage with the visual arts through the year, and enjoy the preview of their beautiful artworks! The ISB Visual Arts program implements the IB inquiry-based model for fostering students’ appreciation of the arts and developing creative behaviors. Every few weeks, new pictures will present our program from a new perspective. Watch as ISB students, in and out of the studio, grow and discover their own artistic potential!
Muriel Stallworth, PYP Coordinator and French Visual Arts Teacher

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Plant Tableaux & Connecting To Nature Through Art

To cap off the year in art class, we would like to showcase a collaborative art and science project made by French and Spanish 3rd Graders during their Off to Work and Living with Plants units. Inspired by our virtual visits of vertical urban gardens around the world, students became landscape designers and made their very own “plant tableaux” for our schoolyard!

We love to have the ISB art studio as a place where students use all of their senses to feel and experiment with primary materials that surround them.  In the second part of this gallery, we invite you to discover the many ways that our students, all year long, connected and interacted with nature in the process of art making.

Plant Tableaux


Connecting to Nature through Art


Scroll through some more student artwork below!