Middle School

6th Grade to 8th Grade

ISB’s Middle School learning environment is designed to develop the whole student — both in and outside of the classroom.

ISB’s rigorous inquiry-based curriculum motivates students to be resourceful and imaginative in dealing with everyday challenges and finding creative solutions.

The Middle School years are full of changes for our students, both physical and emotional. In order to best support our students during these critical stages of their academic and personal growth, a faculty advisor guides each student during the Middle School years. Students meet with their advisors on a daily basis and discuss academic, social, and emotional development, as well as any issues the students wish to share.

The Middle School advisory program is designed and led by our Middle School Counselor, who offers added support to students, parents, and faculty. This support also includes a comprehensive program to assist students with high school applications and placement.

Through this robust, progressive educational program, ISB students become driven explorers and passionate communicators with skills that open up options and opportunities for high school and beyond.

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‎Middle School Academics

High School Placement Program

7th Grade Adventures in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Once we landed in Costa Rica, we were welcomed by our guide and we began our bus trip to Monteverde. About an hour later, we stopped to have lunch, which the students called "una comida deliciosa.” After lunch, we continued our journey, during which we marveled at the natural beauty of the countryside and spotted several animals such as cows, horses, dogs, and even goats. The bus ride was filled with exclamations of “Wow!”, “Look at that!" and "Did you see that?"

7th Grade Language Acquisition Trip to Quebec

Cette année, nos élèves de cinquième ont eu la chance de partir en voyage linguistique du 6 au 11 juin dans la province du Québec au Canada et de visiter les villes de Montréal et de Québec. Nous vous souhaitons un bon visionnage de l'album photo ci-dissous!

Zine Mania! A New Workshop Series Hosted by the ISB Library This Spring

The ISB Library’s Zine Mania was a smash hit! This six-part series of workshops was offered after school to students in 4th-8th Grade to introduce them to the world of zines and zine making. Each workshop was led by a different guest artist, with a line up that included authors, illustrators, photographers, educators, and bookmakers, all of whom brought their unique perspectives on the form.