As ISB parents, teachers, staff, Trustees, and friends, we strive to live our mission of creating adventurers, advocates, and leaders every day. We also serve as role models for our students in our unwavering pursuit of one thing: excellence. We focus on supporting our students’ education and personal development, striving to give them experiences that will allow them to grow into the knowledgeable, compassionate, action-oriented individuals we know they can become.

The ISB Annual Fund for Excellence supports our mission based commitment to providing excellence in all of ISB's programs through gifts from our community. ISB has created a unique and inspirational educational model. We need your support to help strengthen the ISB experience for our students.

Join us and help ISB enhance its programs so that the school and our community can continue to grow and flourish.

Dear ISB Community Members,

I am delighted to share with you once again the opportunity to support ISB through the Annual Fund for Excellence! Every year, the Fund for Excellence supports innovative and enriching programs for ISB students and staff and is financed entirely through gifts from our community. My fellow Trustees and I, as well as ISB’s faculty and staff, have already given to support ISB this year, and I hope you will join us.

Why do I give? As a parent and Trustee, I have seen the cumulative, transformational effects that gifts to the Fund for Excellence have had on our school. When our support goes above and beyond tuition, ISB is able to invest more in its program, to strengthen its commitment to academic excellence, and to design unique and enriching experiences for our children. The effects take many forms, from providing teachers additional resources for projects, field trips and guest speakers, to allow faculty to learn from the best by sending them to conferences and IB training workshops across the world. The Fund for Excellence solidifies ISB’s financial position for future programmatic growth and faculty expansion. By the third week of school, my 5th Grade daughter had already experienced an eye-opening science field trip to the Gowanus Canal.

On a personal level, I also give because of what ISB means to my family. It’s more than just a school for our three children. ISB is a community where we are welcomed and accepted, and where there is always someone ready to lend a hand. It’s a safe place where my children learn to use their voices, becoming advocates for themselves and others. It’s an environment where their minds are broadened not only by the inquiry-based curriculum and language, but by the commitment to exploring diverse perspectives and big ideas such as justice, equality, and responsibility. In short, ISB is a second home, where our children are nourished, intellectually and emotionally, and through this, not only are our children growing into exceptional adults, but Christian and I are becoming better parents and stronger global advocates.

I am not alone in recognizing how special ISB is. Last year, more than 300 ISB households – including parents, alumni, staff, grandparents, and community members gave generously to the Fund for Excellence. If you were part of that movement, thank you so much for helping to make a difference in our school – your continued support is vital to ISB’s success! If you are considering giving for the first time, know that your support will have an immediate impact on our children, and that every gift matters.

Finally, as all of you noticed on the first day of school, ISB’s schoolyard was transformed with new drainage and turf! This was made possible by a number of donations from parents to the first phase of our 2019-2020 Capital Initiatives. You will be hearing more soon from Head of School Joe Santos about the second phase of these initiatives which will fund capital investments in our STEM program. Stay tuned to hear about how you can also participate in these investments!

Giving as generously as possible to the Fund for Excellence means ISB can provide outstanding educational experiences for our children year in and year out. Please consider making a gift or pledge to the Fund for Excellence today, committing by December 31, 2019 for pledges that may be paid up until June 15th, 2020. Your early support is vital so that ISB can put these funds to use immediately.

Thank you for your commitment to ISB and to our children.

Gretchen Drobnyk
ISB Trustee, Chair of ISB Development Committee, and ISB Parent


If you have questions or would like to fill in a pledge card and pay by check, please contact ISB’s Director of Advancement, Natalie Judelson at

And see if your company matches—often they are 1:1.

*ISB is a 501(c)(3) organization and donations to ISB are tax-deductible.