On December 1st, 2017, the ISB community celebrated the legacy of Founding Head of School, Rebecca Skinner. Since then, we have started a tradition of honoring the founding of ISB by making December 1st our giving day to support the Annual Fund for Excellence.

ISB was founded in 2005 as a result of the energy, passion, and generosity of a committed group of parents and community members. In this spirit, we invite you to read more about our 2021 Founders’ Day of Giving Challenges and how we celebrate our school’s founding each year.

Our 2021 Founders’ Day Challenge

Thanks to the generosity of our amazing community, we have exceeded our goal for the ISB Founders’ Day Community Participation Challenge! During our Founders’ Day of Giving week, we received 221 donations, raising $93,840 and unlocking an additional $10,000 for the Annual Fund for Excellence. This brings the total raised for Founders’ Day to $103,840, making this our most successful Founders’ Day in ISB history! We are so grateful for the amazing dedication of the ISB community. This would not have been possible without YOU!

Founders’ Day of Giving Participation Challenge Update

Alumni Participation Challenge
Our alumni and alumni families continue to show outstanding support of ISB! We are so grateful for the 22 donations that we received from ISB alumni and alumni families, raising a total of $20,130 for the Fund for Excellence. (This amount is accounted for in our overall number mentioned above.)

Class Participation Challenge
We reached an overall of 69% parent participation! Because we are so close to reaching our class participation goal, the group of donors who pledged to donate $1,000 for each class that reaches 100% participation has agreed to extend the Class Participation Challenge through Friday, December 17th! 

From our early years…

to our recent years,

we continue to develop adventurers, create advocates, and shape leaders.

Milestones through the Decades

Let’s continue to invest in the school and community we love as we look ahead!


Please contact Assistant Head of School Natalie Judelson (njudelson@isbrooklyn.org), if you have any questions.