We Invite You to Join Us!

The History of the Day


On December 1st, 2017, the ISB community celebrated the legacy of Founding Head of School, Rebecca Skinner. Since then, we have started a tradition of honoring the founding of ISB by making it our giving day to support the Annual Fund for Excellence.

One of ISB’s founding core values that we continue to share is community. ISB was able to grow and flourish into the school that we know today because of the outstanding commitment of parents, teachers, and friends. Founders’ Day gives our community the opportunity to come together and show support for the vision that inspired our founders.

Our 2019 Special Challenge


This year, we have a special opportunity to celebrate community participation through our challenge. Our challenge is to reach 103 donations between December 1st and December 8th in order to secure an additional $10,000 gift. Your generosity will make a bold and powerful statement about our collective support for ISB. Donations of any size, small or large, are greatly appreciated and count towards our goal of 103 donations!

Why 103 Donations?


ISB now has 103 alumni, and this number represents our school community’s continued success and growth as our students become passionate communicators, curious learners, and the next leaders.

We’re Excited to Come Together to Celebrate Founders’ Day!


Join us in celebrating our school’s beginning and building our school’s future by participating in this special Founders’ Day of Giving Challenge. By making a gift during this time, you are creating additional outstanding opportunities for our students to grow creatively and develop a lifelong love of learning. With your support, we can continue to build our warm, vibrant, and wonderful community and meet our challenge!

Please contact Director of Operations and Advancement, Natalie Judelson (njudelson@isbrooklyn.org), if you have any questions.